Frequently Asked Questions

1 What's the difference between Staffordshire Smart Alert and Neighbourhood Watch?

  • Staffordshire Smart Alert uses modern technology to help residents and businesses receive timely, local information from police and partners by email through a website or directly from an App.  Alerts can be tailored to your chosen location or areas of interest.
  • Neighbourhood Watch (NW) provides residents and businesses the opportunity to make a more significant contribution to their local community by registering to join a local NW group.  These members, under the leadership of a NW Co-ordinator, regularly meet and / or discuss local issues and concerns and have the opportunity to represent local NW on the PCC's Safer Neighbourhood Panels.  You can join NW here.

NW Co-ordinators and members still receive Smart Alerts but have the ability through existing OWL technology to receive these via telephone and SMS, as an alternative to email, at the present time.

2 How can I join Staffordshire Smart Alert?
This website will enable you to join Staffordshire Smart Alert and set your preferences in terms of the type of information and the geographical area you're interested in.  Alternatively you can download the Staffordshire Smart Alert App by searching the Apple App Store or Google Play store for Staffs Smart Alert.

3 Can I get it on my mobile phone?
Staffordshire Smart Alert is available as an App for both Apple and Android phones. By downloading the App, you'll receive Alerts directly to your mobile phone.  

4 What if I want to join Staffordshire Smart Alert but don't have an email?
Emails are one of the easiest ways for Staffordshire Police to get in contact with you. However, we recognise that a small minority aren't able to do this and it's really important you stay in touch.  In such instances, please telephone (01785) 232584 we'll talk through your options of SMS and recorded phone messages which are currently available.

5 Will I be able to tailor the messages I receive to a specific area?
Yes, you can select a postcode area through the Registration Page on this website. Alternatively if you download our App, you can also tailor your messages to a location and to your interests.

6 What kind of information will be provided?
Staffordshire Smart Alert provides the opportunity for residents, businesses and partners to be even more informed about things in their local community – updates on crimes and incidents and useful community safety information. It provides localised timely information through Smart Alerts from your local officers on the ground and the Community Engagement team.

7 Have you replaced the OWL system?
No, Staffordshire Smart Alert is powered by OWL.

8 Does Neighbourhood Watch still exist?
Yes, Neighbourhood Watch is very active across Staffordshire and both the PCC and Chief Constable have stated their ongoing support for the valuable contribution that it makes.  

9 What do current Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators and Members need to do?
If you currently receive OWL messages you don't need to do anything. Your messages will now arrive as Staffordshire Smart Alerts and you'll receive these on a more frequent basis, issued by local officers and the Community Engagement team. Dependant on the way you receive you information, your Staffordshire Smart Alerts will come in your email inbox or be referenced on SMS or voice messages as Staffordshire Smart Alert. (You may need to ensure your Smart Alerts aren't being directed to your 'Junk' folder).

Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators and Members currently receiving messages by SMS or phone are being asked to consider receiving Staffordshire Smart Alerts by email to ensure you receive them as quickly as possible.

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